Workplace Violence and Bullying at Work

Workplace Violence and Bullying at Work Overview

In 1999, a former worker of OC Transpo in Ottawa shot four employees and then killed himself. He had been a victim of workplace harassment.
(Canada Safety Council, 2004).

In Canada there is no occupational health or safety legislation that deals specifically with workplace bullying. Employers can choose to address this issue and some jurisdictions do have legislation on workplace violence where bullying is included. (CCOHS, 2002).

Traditionally, bullying has focused on child bullying within schools but recently adult bullying has also become a focus. Across the world there is a growing interest in the phenomenon of workplace bullying, in the media as well as within companies. The interest started mainly in Scandinavian countries and has since spread to Germany, Britain, Canada, Japan, and Australia.

In the U.S. there is also an interest in the subject but there research focuses mainly on issues of fairness. The phenomenon of workplace bullying is quite new and has only been studied for a little over two decades. (Rayner, Hoel, & Cooper, 2002)


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